At last a new posting by Malmsey……

Dictated by Malmsey

I know, I know I have been a very remiss pooch and not posted a blog for many a long few months, BUT, I was so busy, my paws literally haven’t touched the ground all summer. I was on my annual holidays and woof woof, what a great time I had! I went to Norfolk, where I stayed in a gorgeous cottage, with lovely doggy treats waiting for me on my arrival and so many fantastic walks and places to enjoy a doggy paddle I was in doggy heaven. (Try Brancaster Straithe, it’s a must for dogs like me who are real water pooch babies). The weather was glorious, my human companions behaved themselves and were relaxed and rested and all in all I can truly recommend my dogs life- it’s great!

When we came home it was just one continued long and leisurely summer with lots of trips out and about, long walks at home in the beautiful New Forest and long, sunny days filled with treats and doggy pleasures galore.

Then it was back to school and the daily school run- it’s so hard to open my eyes at 6am in the morning to get ready for the trip to and from school but at least the 45 minutes car journey gives me a further chance to nap and then on the way home if I’m really lucky I get to have a scamper in the forest on one of my daily walks, before home time for my breakfast.

Don’t tell the humans, but I have got the dog walking lark down to a tee now… they take me for 2 hours at the start of the day and then I snooze a few hours and then after lunch I get a bit boisterous and so by just before tea time I get to go on another long walk – they think it tires me out but actually I just love the fresh air, the freedom and the space so many walks afford me… don’t tell them!

All in all I think I have just about got the humans well trained now, although it’s taken a time! Life is just peachy and I get my own way most of the time just by barking loudly at them… honestly they are so easy to manipulate and they cannot resist my brown eyes! Still I wouldn’t swap doggy homes for the world and roll on next summer and another glorious time in sunny Norfolk and a return stay at Lavender Cottage,, which really is a super place to be.

Till next time

Malmsey x