Happy Birthday to me! Marmite Malmsey celebrates being 3 years old

Dictated by Malmsey…

It was my birthday recently and the humans did a super job of ensuring I celebrated in style! I had a deliciously tasty birthday cake, complete with pink icing , dog bones and birthday candle from a fantastic doggy bakery called the Hungry Hound and I got a hamper from them too filled with delicious doggy bake treats with carob and coloured icing to make them look pretty, but more importantly they were soooo tasty and a toy was amongst the tasties, which was fun and very pink!

I had a bag full of other presents too and I had great fun ripping off the wrapping paper, tearing the gift bags to shreds and eating my weight (almost) in doggy delights and treats whilst playing with new cuddly softies, squeaky toys, balls and bones.


Thankfully they, (the humans), have, at last (!) got the message and realise that I am not like other dogs… I am a doggy diva and so I don’t want to share the humans, my home, toys or time with any other animals, dogs or otherwise, so I didn’t have any other dogs at my birthday party-only the humans, which ensured I was the “Belle of the Ball”, the centre of attention, the “Diva of the Day” and got all the fuss, attention and of course most of the cake- I did share a few pieces with the humans friends who have dogs too, but I didn’t actually have to meet them personally- I gifted from afar.

I have to say it is exhausting having a birthday and being made such a fuss of BUT roll on next year and another set of birthday treats- I can’t wait!!

Here’s a picture of my cake with a slice already eaten by me… you really should check out the bakery as its super duper and great, efficient service too!