I’m back!!! Malmsey makes a welcome return

Hello to all my faithful readers and a special “Woof Woof” to my two cat readers too… My mummy met your mummy and daddy again recently and apparently they had a lovely chat about us all. I am sorry that it’s been a while since I dictated a blog… my human mummy has been busy fighting legal battles, running a hotel, organising our human family and just generally juggling lots of things all at once and she hasn’t had much time to type my musings on my behalf. However, she has stopped long enough for me to sit on her laptop and make her tickle my ears while listening to me dictate a blog post!

Life remains good for this pampered pooch- I did indeed fall on my paws when the humans chose me…. However, I don’t let them think that I’m content all the time. I do sulk when they leave me at my human Nanny and Grandad’s house and gaze across the shared drive (we all live in the same place) looking woeful and melancholy through the window to make them feel guilty… it works every time and I get toys and bones galore each time they come to collect me- good trick!

Actually I love living between two houses- who wouldn’t as I get doubly spoilt, double cuddles and sometimes even fed twice as I pretend the other house has forgotten to feed me!

I need to be pampered as I am a high maintenance, pampered but poorly pooch. I’m off to see a dermatologist specialist vet next week as I have very sore toes which have just appeared out of nowhere and which need some attention- I quite like the pet pedicure I get with the lotions, potions and creams that have to be rubbed in… lovely and don’t forget I have two paws at the front that need attending to!

Thus all in all life is good and this pooch is definitely a contented one!

Till next time

Love Malmsey x