It’s a dog’s life…

Dictated by Marmite Malmsey

My life is complete…. Boiled eggs for breakfast this morning, a squishy cushion out in the sunshine, but with just enough shade nearby to cool off as needed. Large bowl of fresh, cold water, just close enough for me not to have to stretch too far and a convenient tickle behind the ears now and then from a (slightly daft if I’m honest!) owner who seems to adore me as she tells me so at every opportunity… oh what it is to be a pampered pooch…… did I say pooch? Actually what I meant to say was “Princess”, “Diva”, call me what you will, but don’t call me a pooch, as I truly believe I am more human than a dog and I have the temperament and tantrums to prove it!

Seriously though, I have landed on my paws and cannot tell all my doggy readers how lucky I am to live with this lot… they are “barking” … in the nicest possible sense and love me no matter what naughty things I do.

However, I wasn’t best pleased to hear one of my “human mamas” friends tell her that she didn’t know how she managed with me as I was so full on and such high maintenance and worse than a toddler with the terrible two’s…… as if that’s not bad enough, my mama agreed with her and said I was indeed a handful and I did keep her very busy but I was worth it! Humph- I should think so too!

Anyway I will sulk for a little while and then when that grows tiresome I might stretch my legs and go ask for a bone, or a doggy ice cream, or a chewy or a tennis ball or ……another tickle behind the ears…mmmmm lovely!

Till next week

Happy sun bathing