“Marmite” Malmsey comments on the TV show, Dogs – their secret lives

Dictated by Malmsey

Firstly Happy New Year to all my doggy (and cat) friends and followers and to their owners too. I hope you all had a good NY celebrations; mine was interesting….. because I am unable to be left “home alone”, I get very stressed and so prefer being with my “human” family, so they planned to take me with them to their NY celebrations which were at Hotel TerraVina, the hotel they own.

Well all in all it wasn’t a great success as the private dining room we would normally eat in was booked for a party, the hotel was full and there was nowhere to settle me… they did try the car- as if I wanted to stay in there! However cosy and comfy it was with my bed and blankets, I’m hardly a car sort of dog! Thus I was “smuggled” into the hotel and my human “mama” looked after me rather than sit with guests at the table… to be honest I had quite a nice evening, albeit I was a little stroppy with everyone, but I would have preferred to be at home, cosy on the sofa…. I’ve added a photo of me on the sofa to prove the point that it’s very comfy!


Anyhow, my point being about the story of NY eve is that I HATE being left at home alone and on the rare occasion they have left me (for only ½ hour to an hour maximum) and only on x3 occasions in nearly 2 years, I have ensured they won’t leave me again by chewing door mats, eating shoes, chewing the chairs and all sorts… they realised I don’t like being left and now I’m never left… I’m either with my “mama or papa” or my “nana and grandad” or Jim and Gwen, my friends  (and the humans lovely friends) or a dog sitter… Lovely!


Last night I caught a TV show on Channel 4, Dogs their secret lives, (I quite like watching TV sometimes) http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dogs-their-secret-lives/episode-guide and it was fascinating. Mark Evans the vet and presenter obviously loves dogs and seems a very nice chap. The doctors from Bristol Uni were lovely and the dogs featured seemed a nice bunch… as you know I’m not keen on dogs, but it was sad to see so many of them getting stressed at being left at home……. thus a plea from one special, pampered dog to any owners reading this, please try not to leave us home alone and if you do have to, please make sure it’s not for very long and we aren’t stressed about it- you can train us to cope better with it if you really have to leave us!

In the meantime I do hope Mark Evans makes more TV shows about dogs as it was fascinating.

Till next week