Marmite Malmsey marvels at Christmas preparations and enjoys all the fuss and frolics…..

Dictated by Malmsey

Last Christmas I was already living with the Basset family but I wasn’t very old and frankly much of the excitement passed me by as I was very poorly with my various ailments, (all now thankfully much better)….. however, wowee, this year I am having soooooo much fun!

My “human mama” and Romané decorated an enormous tree on Sunday- it’s in the middle of the lounge, close to my bed and when no one is looking and if I stretch, I can nibble at the bottom branches, but oh what fun I had on Sunday, getting under everyone’s feet and generally causing mayhem- I pulled the branches one way and then the other in a tug of tree game, then when the baubles started to be hung I kept stealing them and playing with them all around the house and the long strands of tinsel stuff is great fun to run away with!

BUT! Even more special and so much more mischievous is attacking the presents. They are all beautifully wrapped and under the tree in whicker baskets, (which are also very nice to chew!) and when no one is looking I have been stealing the presents one by one to have a little chew- ohhhhhh it’s just too tempting not to rip the paper off and I just can’t resist, even though I do get told off, but they should know by now that NO just doesn’t have much effect and I know they will forgive me all my naughtiness because they love me so much.

According to my “mama” my presents are all hidden as I cannot be trusted not to attack them and open them all before Xmas day- I am so excited at the thought of so many new toys and chews that Xmas cannot come quick enough and as a special treat my breakfast on the 25th will be scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, my absolute favourite meal…… with exception of rice, pasta and boiled eggs and soldiers, or toast and Marmite  of course!

Well lots to do and still more presents to attack and “helpfully” unwrap…. To all my Malmsey friends, thanking you for reading my blog and adding your photos and comments and I do hope you all have a very waggy, happy and woofingly good Christmas and I will write again in the New Year.

Until 2014