Ooooops another trip to the vets with Marmite Malmsey

Dictated by Malmsey….

As regular readers of my blog will know, I have caused my “human” parents rather a lot of worry in terms of my heath since they had me. I recently turned two and on reflection it has certainly been a bit of a roller coaster in terms of my health in those years. The latest episode, which resulted in a trip to see a specialist vet, who was sooooo lovely, Jane Oatley, an expert Orthopaedic vet, who made me feel much better, was only in the past two weeks, when I hurt my front leg and became very lame- coupled with an already quite lame pair of back legs- I have fluid on my knees, apparently quite common in Boxer dogs; thus the resulting gait was very ungainly and I was very sore.

So I was whisked off to meet Jane and her healing expertise- of course with me it’s never as easy as merely visiting a vet’s practice – I have a phobia of other dogs. No matter what shape, size or make, I simply don’t like them and become very frightened and worried around them, to the extent that I get quite bad tempered, which is a real departure from my usual good naturedness…. Thus with a waiting room full of other dogs and pups it’s all a bit of  a trauma for me and my “human” mummy to take me to the vets. However, eventually I was safely in the treatment room and Jane worked wonders on me. I had X-rays, not sure I like that bit as I had to be made to be sleepy and got all wobbly on my already wobbly legs and then I couldn’t stay in the kennel bit with the other dogs, so I had to be carried to the car to wake up slowly and gently and then I slept all day- blissful!

Two weeks on and I am much, much better. I had to have 10 days of rest which was a trying time as I admit I did get a bit stir crazy and I didn’t like the tablets I had to take, but the creamy cheese they tried to disguise them in was tasty… they think they fooled me but I knew they were in there! This past weekend I was able to go for a walk and it was super-duper to have some freedom again, albeit there were pesky dogs everywhere who wanted to play… they just don’t seem to understand my Garboesque demeanour and simply won’t leave me to play on my own… so I have to tell them off and then my “human” mama has to explain to their owners and they then stand about talking about me for what seems like an age, with their dogs and me at a sensible distance and then at last we can carry on with our walk and I can enjoy being a diva!

Till next time and my next adventures