Season’s Greetings!

Has it really been so long since my last blog- May 2015? I do have a reason for my “blog silence”; besides from having been away for the summer in glorious Norfolk, with its sandy beaches; for all you pooches who love the sand between your toes, you MUST visit Holkham beach and for those who love the water, then Brancaster Straithe is just lovely, but besides from being on a holiday “jolly”, I have also been undergoing treatments for my poorly paws which left me feeling sorry for myself and in some considerable discomfort.

I have been examined by various specialists, some better than others- I have had over 6 months worth of expensive treatments- well as a pampered pooch what do you expect (!) and now having sought a 2nd opinion from a top dermatology doggy specialist, they have finally got to the cause of the problem and I am getting the right and efficient treatment I needed all along and I am feeling so much better and my paws are looking so much better too.

Thus I have started to enjoy my walks again- previously they were beginning to be less and less fun and more and more a chore as my paws were hurting me- but now I can frolic, run and knock over my “human” mummy with abandon. I must stress I did not mean to pull her over, but pull her over I did. I admit that I am a bouncy and boisterous Boxer dog. I love people but not other dogs and when we are out on my walks, my human companions always give fair warning of this fact and ensure I am on my lead and we hope that other owners follow suit and put their dogs on leads too… on this occasion the other owner didn’t, her dog bounded up to me. Well I was having none of it and feeling ultra protective towards my “human” mummy, I lunged forward only for her to be in the midst of a dog scrum- if it had been caught on camera, I am sure it would have looked very funny, but she fell heavily amongst the flying fur, tangle of dog’s legs, paws and leads – the other dog owner was as helpful as a chocolate tea pot, (although actually I would imagine that’s a tasty treat, as long as it was made of doggy chocolate) and merely left her lying in a heap with a hurried “sorry” flung over her shoulder as she beat a hasty retreat down the hill. I of course licked my “mummy” for all I was worth and wagged my tail furiously in the hope she would understand and not be cross that I had instigated a bit of a chaotic moment. No one can say our walks aren’t exciting that’s for sure!

She can’t have been very cross as she gave me one of my favourite chews when we got home- they are delicious and I call them “Whimsies” but I’m not sure if that’s their real brand name but they are scrummy and I am addicted to them- they are all natural, organic and tasty so why not! I just wish they weren’t kept in a tin so high up in the cupboard as even on all fours I can’t quite reach them!

Anyhow, from one pampered Boxer to all of you other pampered pets, may I take this opportunity to send you warmest wishes for a “Wooftastic” Christmas and I will be blogging again in the New Year.

Woof Woof,

Malmsey xx