It’s my birthday and I’ll be spoilt, cherished and pampered… Bring it on!!!!

It’s my birthday and I’ll be spoilt, cherished and pampered…. Bring it on!!!!

Woof Woof, Oua Oua… that’s Happy New Year in dog speak, in both English and French- did I mention I am bilingual? Apparently dogs have a vocabulary of approx. 20 words…. Or so you humans think. Of course we know more words than that, we recognise almost everything you chatter to us, but we randomly select only the words we want to bother with…….. Dinner! Walkies! Good Girl, Good Boy! Come! See where this is leading? We are not so keen on, Bad dog! Stay! Sit! Down! NO! and because we don’t like those words we often choose to ignore them. So you see we are far more clever than you think.
I am VERY excited as it’s my 4th birthday tomorrow. (Thursday 4th February). I overheard my human “mummy” planning a party for me…. Of course I cannot actually have doggy guests as I am anti-social around other dogs- I am a Princess Diva and there’s only room for one top dog and that’s ME! However, my human family will celebrate with me- I always have a doggy birthday cake from the doggy bakery, and tasty treats they bake to order and lots of presents all wrapped up especially for me. I am a very lucky pooch.
I will be pampered and cherished even more than usual and I will love every minute of it. What a shame birthdays last for only one day!
Happy Birthday to any other pooches and furry friends who celebrate a special day soon. Enjoy your day!
Woof Woof